Charly D. Miller

Charly D. Miller graduated high school but dropped out of college.

She worked as an ambulance driver in Denver, but according to court records, she was dismissed for consuming alcohol on the job.

She also set out to destroy the career of a physician who had accidentally become addicted to painkillers. The man was a patient, not a junkie! This also landed her in court, and she was ordered to make substantial alterations to the content of her website.

Charly D. Miller has a website that has been moved to from one hosting company to another because of her habits of posting defamatory material and abusing copyrighted material.

She claims to be the publisher of travel guides tied to books such as the "Harry Potter" series, but none of these have ever been published.

Despite her lack of professional qualifications, I have invited her to visit me and see my work firsthand. She claims that I teach lethal techniques. I do nothing of the kind. 

(c) 2014 Dr. Ronald Federici