Jean Mercer

Jean Mercer holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Brandeis University, a prestigious institution. She failed, however, to obtain a clinical license. This means she has never seen or treated a patient.

Towards the end of her teaching career, she embarked on a campaign of defaming licensed practitioners. For a while, she was under contract with Psychology Today to author a blog on child development.

Using this blog as a platform, she accused me of abusing children. A quick check of databases such as PACER will show that I do not have a criminal record. Psychology Today realized that Dr. Mercer had "crossed the line" and, after a warning which she chose not to heed, her blogging contract was terminated.

Mercer has claimed that Psychology Today interfered with her right to free speech. It seems more like she was fired for disobeying instructions.

I have only met Dr. Mercer briefly. I have extended an invitation to her to visit my office and see what I do firsthand. She would be more than welcome to blog about that! It seems she has already made up her mind. She has shown no interest in accepting my invitation, preferring, instead, to continue to criticize me without any foundation whatsoever.

(c) 2014 Dr. Ronald Federici