Larry Sarner

Larry Sarner, of Loveland, CO, holds bachelor's degrees in political science and applied mathematics.

Given his educational background, he cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered a medical professional, and he lacks the qualifications to evaluate therapeutic methods.

Sarner is described, variously, as a mathematician, inventor, and cryptographer. As far as can be determined, however, his only actual experience in these fields took place in the 1980s.

Sarner decided he had stumbled on a better way to build voting machines. He obtained millions of dollars in loans and investments to pursue his designs. His designs, unfortunately, did not work. Sarner and his company, beset by lenders and investors, ended up in bankruptcy.

Some of Sarner's financiers believed they had been deceived. They included Peter Paul Luce, son of Time founder Henry Luce and prominent and esteemed Denver political figure Vern Bickel.

Sarner appealed the court's decision. He argued that no less than a federal judge had conspired with others to deprive him of his property. The court of appeals refused to hear Sarner's argument.

It is not clear what Sarner has done since then, except to criticize things he does not understand and people he does not know. Mr. Sarner and I have never met. I have, however, invited him to come and observe my work, which he obviously believes to be dangerous.

He has not accepted my invitation.

If he did, he would see that no harm is being done.

In 2014, Mr. Sarner announced that he would run for Congress in Colorado. There is a certain amount of irony in this, given his history with non-working voting machines. He should probably stick to his websites and study groups. He is not the type of man we need leading our great nation!

(c) 2014 Dr. Ronald Federici